Printers in TransVirtual

Printers in TransVirtual

There are 2 different utilities that are used within TransVirtual that enable you print from the cloud and/or website directly to you local printer with the option to automate these functions and bypass the usual print dialogue pages..

Cloud Print Utility- Prints from Cloud Server to Local Printer.

When installed on a computer, this small utility allows TransVirtual's cloud based servers to communicate print commands to your local printers. All TransVirtual users who wish to take advantage of automated print services such as generating runsheets, manifests or reports will need to install this service. These printers are managed in the Settings -> Printer List  menu.




Click Here for installation instructions

Browser Print Utility- Prints from Browser to Local Printer.

When enabled in your browser this utility allows you to automatically print labels and consignment notes without any user interaction required. Each time a consignment is created the labels and connote will be printed automatically without any user interaction. This utility is particularly useful for users who are regularly creating large numbers of consignments.




Click Here for installation instructions




NOTE: In order to take advantage of all of the benefits of TransVirtual, we recommend you take the time to install both of these applications. Step by step instructions for each option are detailed below.

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