Pickup Allocation

Pickup Allocation

The Pickup Allocation screen allows the pickup controller to see unassigned pickups and allocate them to a driver.

In the TransVirtual Web Portal, select the following: Home > Consignment Actions > Pickup Allocation

Users using the updated 2022 menu should go to Transport > Operational Tasks > Pickup Allocation

  1. This will open the Pickup Allocation screen shows a list of unassigned pickups.
  2. Here you can search or deal with each consignment down the list one by one.
  3. Select a consignment and the Information and Assignment information for that consignment will be shown on the right.
  4. Here you receive a brief overview of the pickup & its location and below you have the area to select "Drivers" or "Agents".
  5. Click on the name of either your driver or agent to assign the consignment.
Functionality Notes:
  1. Drivers and Agents will be sorted by the distance from the pickup to the drivers current location or agents headport.
  2. Drivers will have total pickups allocated to them on the right hand side of the row.
  3. You can search the Drivers or Agents if you have a large number,
  4. You have a few switches at the top of the screen to filter the display list.
    1. Show Current: Show consignments that are booked in for pickup today.
    2. Show Tomorrow: Show consignments that are booked in for pickup tomorrow.
    3. Show Beyond Tomorrow: Show consignments that are booked in for pickup beyond tomorrow.
    4. Show Allocated: Show consignments that have already been allocated.
  5. All columns are searchable by entering details in the boxes below the headings.
  6. You can create filters by clicking on filters
  7. If a Staff member appears and is not required consider Disabling Mobile Access in the user card file
  8. Agent Drivers who have mobile access will display in the drivers list

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