This article will describe how to perform a pickup within the TransVirtual mobile application.

1. When a new pickup is assigned to a driver they will receive a notification as below

2. This will then be in your list of deliveries/pickups, new pickups will appear in the order the system best determines will occur

3. Tapping on the box to the right hand side of the consignment will enable you to see the details of the consignment and its pickup

4. Tapping on the   button will show the delivery location on a map.
5. Tapping on the   button will allow you to take a photo and assign it against the consignment
6. Tapping on the   button will allow you to take a signature for the consignment(s)/item(s)

7. Enter or Select the recipients name. (Recipients names that have been delivered to previously will be selectable)
8. Enter any equipment transfers required (ie Chep pallets) by Tapping to Edit equipment counts

8. Sender should sign on the device screen in the box
9. Tap on complete to finalise the consignment..

When a pickup is performed TransVirtual will also attempt to record the GPS. Depending on the device and the associated permissions this may or may not be possible.

Signatures should always be obtained at the pickup location and not otherwise as this can impact any time/distance rate calculations as well as reporting.

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