Introduction to the TransVirtual API

Introduction to the TransVirtual API


The REST API is an HTTP interface to TransVirtual. Using REST, you use standard HTTP requests to create, fetch and delete data from your TransVirtual account.
You can use any toolkit that supports HTTP to use the REST API. The REST API uses the standard HTTP headers and status codes, so that standard toolkits work as expected. In some areas, we have added functionality to HTTP (for example, headers to support authentication). In these cases, we have done our best to add the new functionality in a way that matched the style of standard HTTP usage.
To work with this API, you will need to understand the authentication requirements as every call to this API will require it. Please keep this in mind as you review the API, as it will be assumed knowledge all areas.
Currently only SSL connections are allowed in TransVirtual API endpoints. Communicating over SSL preserves user privacy by protecting information between the user and the TransVirtual API as it travels across the public internet.
You have the option to submit and consume data from the TransVirtual API in either JSON or XML format. You also have the ability to call the API with the JSONP for cross domain requirements.

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