Integration Requests

Integration Requests

When requesting an integration setup there is certain information that the TransVirtual team needs to know to action your request.
This article will explain further what information we require and also includes links to our standard accepted data formats for receiving data.
An integration setup is the transfer of data between your TransVirtual account and another 3rd party system

What do you need to provide?

  1. Who is the customer and who is the agent?
    When requesting integrations we need to know if the 3rd party will be the customer sending consignment data to you (Customer Integration) OR if they are the agent/supplier that will be performing deliveries on behalf of your business (Agent Integration). This is important because it determines the data flow direction and thus how the integration will be configured.
    We also need to know preferred data send and receive methods as explained in the next section (do you want to send/receive data via FTP or Email using CSV or XML etc). Please provide this information ASAP.

  2. What email address is best for our integrations team to contact the other party?
    We need at least one email contact for someone from the other side (entity you are trying to integrate with) as we will need to liaise with that person to get this setup for you. The integrations team here will communicate via email to ensure that all setup has been appropriately completed.
    If needed you can provide phone numbers, however we need one email contact (address and name) at a minimum.

  3. Integration specific information such as Service Levels, Account Numbers, etc
    Some integrations (AusPost/StarTrack for example) involve you setting up an account with the other party. If this is the case we may need information such as an Account Number and what Service Levels this entity will be offering you - companies like AusPost/StarTrack have varying Service Levels that are each assigned a Service Code. We need to know this type of information as we need to be able translate the data in TransVirtual into something that the Auspost/StarTrack (or other 3rd party) system can understand and accept. 
    Links to what is required for some of our more common integrations can be found at the bottom of this article; these will explain in further detail what information is required related to the integration you are requesting. However if you are ever unsure what 'technical' information we require, please ask the TransVirtual support team ( who will be happy to assist.

What are some of the data formats that TransVirtual can accept?

If you are requesting an integration where you are the agent and will be receiving consignment data, then the below links will assist as they outline common data formats that TransVirtual can use to import consignments into your account.
  1. XML
  2. API
  3. CSV 
Both XML and CSV file types can be accepted via FTP or Email.
API requires an Auth Token (key) to be provided by you to the other party as they will need this to access and direct the data into your account. This key is unique to your account and can be found in the Global Setup page of TransVirtual under the Settings menu (bottom-right hand side of the general tab in the API section).
Please provide this information on standard data formats to your contact for the other party (who you're integrating with). This will need to be done BEFORE we can raise an integration request with the TransVirtual integrations team.
We also need the other party to provide any documentation they have around the integration you are requesting BEFORE we can lodge an integration request with the TransVirtual integrations team; simply so that our integrations team have all the required information from the start.

Common Integrations

Below are links to articles for integrations we have previously done. These articles will provide further detail on what is required specific to that integration.

  1. TNT
  2. StarTrack/AusPost

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