Process/Workflow Table of Contents

Process/Workflow Table of Contents

Individual components of TransVirtual can be brought together to create practical processes and workflows. This list introduces you to our default or recommended options.  

Consignment Lifecycle/Overview

  1. Consignment Creation 
    1. Manually created via Web Portal
    2. Imported via EDI
    3. Created via API
  2. Pickups
    1. Creating a pickup
    2. Manual allocation to driver/agent
    3. Auto allocation to driver/agent
    4. Completing a pickup (driver app)
  3. Depot Scanning
    1. Depot In scans (+ scan manifest creation)
    2. Floor scans (+ scan manifest creation) 
  4. Linehaul Management
    1. Linehaul scans (+ linehaul manifest creation) 
    2. Linehaul Controller (+ linehaul manifest creation)
  5. Delivery Allocation
    1. Manual allocation to driver/agent via scan
    2. Auto allocation to driver/agent 
    3. Alternative allocation options  
  6. Driver Loading  
    1. Sort/Route Optimisation 
    2. Sub consignments
  7. Deliveries
    1. Simple Signature Delivery
    2. Alternative delivery options including Short/ATL/Multi Drop etc. 
  8. Delivery Management 
    1. Mobile Driver Alerts
    2. Point 2 Point (P2P) consignments 
    3. Paper POD/Image Uploading
    4. Live driver tracking/Historical locations
    5. Return Depot Checks  
Additional Features 
  1. Forms/CoR 
  2. Pallet/Equipment Control 
  3. Finance/Invoicing 
  4. Customer Service Tickets

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