Browser Print Utility Installation

Browser Print Utility Installation

When enabled in your browser this utility allows you to automatically print labels and consignment notes without any user interaction required. Each time a consignment is created the labels and connote will be printed automatically without any user interaction. This utility is particularly useful for users who are regularly creating large numbers of consignments.

Step-by-step guide

It may take 10-20 seconds for the options to display. If you have already installed the utility and you are prompted to reinstall it, reload/refresh the page from your browser and wait for the utility to reload.


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Printing from you browser will normally require a number of mouse clicks:

  1. Click 'Print' from the menu to open the 'Print Dialog Box'.

  2. Select your desired printer.

  3. Click 'Print' button again to trigger print job.



To assist users that are creating large numbers of consignments each day, we have implemented the Browser Print Processor. This utility allows the browser to send print jobs directly to your local printers without any user interaction required. Different printers can be nominated for consignment notes and labels. With this option enabled, as soon as a consignment is created and saved the connote/label will be sent to the appropriate printer.

Step 1 - Install the Browser Print Service Utility

Go to the Printer Settings section of your profile page. The quickest way to get there is to click on your login name to the right of the header bar and select Profile

Select and download the utility that corresponds to the platform you're using. You may be presented with a warning message similar to the ones displayed below. Ensure you allow the utility to run and remember your settings.


Step 2 - Run the application

You may need to refresh your page when completed. You will then have the opportunity to nominate which printers you would like to assign to print both consignment notes and labels.

Step 3 - Turn consignment and label printing settings on/off

From the consignment creation page you can use the sliders in the bottom right box to turn the printing options on or off.

Note: If using this function it is recommended that Adobe Acrobat is installed on your computer and set as the default PDF application (the app that will open any PDFs that you generate).
The reason for this is that this printer app is designed to use this app as the default. Other applications may work for this but, if possible, installing Adobe Acrobat and setting as the default is advised.
Setting Adobe Acrobat as the default app to open PDFs is usually straight-forward - often you will be prompted to do so; if not you can open Adobe Acrobat and set as a default from within the app itself.

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