Login Issues

Login Issues

App login issues

If you are receiving can't connect to server issues try the following

On the login page of the mobile device, get the user to hold their finger down on the TransVirtual logo at the top for a couple of seconds, this will bring up the settings. If they are already logged in just go to the 3 dots in the top right and go to settings.

At the top of settings should be “URL”. The value to the right of this should be https://mobile.transvirtual.com.au

If this is not the case, hold you finger on this for a second and it will ask if you would like to reset it to default, say yes and ensure it says https://mobile.transvirtual.com.au

This should fix it. Alternatively, please update the app to the latest version by downloading it from https://portal.transvirtual.com.au/app

Website Login issues

If you get a 404 issue when logging in, you are likely using an old bookmark. Click the login button in the new menu at the top of the page to login.  
You will need to update your bookmarks as well.

Cloud Printer Issues

Please see below link to article to resolve
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